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Product Information:

Combine the fun! This special includes our mobile video game truck 2.0 plus Gellyball!

Party Price
$975 - 3 Hour Party

1.5 Hours - Video Game Truck
1.5 Hours - Gellyball

Up to 12 guests

Add $200 for additional hour

Video Game Truck 

Widescreen high–definition TVs
Surround sound
One-of-a-kind multiplayer gaming system
Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Wii and Wii U
Game Coach
Stadium seating
Climate Controlled

Add Online Gaming!
Fortnite/Roblox (One Player)
$75 – 1.5 Hours

Add Virtual Reality!

$100 – One Player
$150 – Two Players

Safety Masks
Game Coach

Add Additional  Gellyballs
$60 – 3.5 Gallon Bucket
$100 – 5 Gallon Bucket

Add Additional  Players

$30 – 1 Player
$60 – 2 Players
$90 – 3 Players
$120 – 4 Players

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


  • Gellyball Party Rental

    What is GellyBall, you ask? GellyBall is the better, family-friendly alternative to Airsoft or Paintball gun battles. GellyBall shot is low impact, and unlike foam darts, does not need to be picked up. The balls will shrivel up - you have probably seen these marble-size orbs, which start as small pellets and expand when soaked in water. This is all the fun of paintball, without the mess. GellyBall guns are accurate up to 100 feet. Unlike laser tag, the GellyBall shot does not have to hit a small target - the players ARE the targets! The impact will vary by distance, but is no more painful than a rubberband snap on skin. 

    Up to 12 players per rental. We provide all necessary equipment: fully charged guns, pre-soaked GellyBalls, head protection, and some obstacles for more of a challenge.

    – Convert virtually any outdoor space into a thrilling GellyBall arena
    – 750 gellyball shots per blaster load
    – The blasters are heavy duty and light weight
    – Up to 12 guests can play at once!
    – No paint, no mess!
    – Safety face masks
    – 5 gallon bucket of pre-made gellyballs
    – 8 Bunkers (delivery only)
    – Our game coach instructs and runs the party

    We supply the blasters, safety headgear, bunkers, and 5 gallons of gellyballs for 12 players. We do allow the addition of more players and extra gellyballs. An additional surcharge will apply.

  • Add 1 Extra Gellyball Player

    Extra Player                                                     $30

    Extra Two Players                                           $60

    Extra Three Players                                        $90

    Extra Four  Players                                         $120

  • Add 2 Extra Gellyball Players

    Extra Player                                                     $30

    Extra Two Players                                           $60

    Extra Three Players                                        $90

    Extra Four  Players                                         $120

  • Add 3 Extra Gellyball Players

    Extra Player                                                     $30

    Extra Two Players                                           $60

    Extra Three Players                                        $90

    Extra Four  Players                                         $120

  • Add 4 Extra Gellyball Players

    Extra Player                                                     $30

    Extra Two Players                                           $60

    Extra Three Players                                        $90

    Extra Four  Players                                         $120

  • Extra 3.5 Gallon Gellyball Bucket

  • Extra 5 Gallon Gellyball Bucket

  • Video Game Truck Party Rental 2.0

    This is our second Truck option!  (This truck doesn't offer the outside screens.) This spacious, state of the art mobile video game truck features stadium style seating, full climate control for year round comfort, and we’re self-powered by our own quiet generator!

    Enjoy the widescreen high definition TVs, surround sound, and a one of a kind multiplayer gaming system. 12 players can game at once inside with room for even more friends on the second row of stadium seating!  We have all of the latest game titles and Gaming Consoles from PlayStation 5, Xbox X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Wii and Wii U! Check out our game inventory. View Game Inventory

    We welcome Xbox Fortnite and Roblox to our gaming selections. Please note that high-speed internet must be provided by client (wireless signal or within 200 feet of modem/router for cable connection.) An additional surcharge will apply. We also now have Oculus Virtual Reality (up to two players).

    Relax, sit back, and enjoy the party!  No stress! Your Game Coach and staff will make sure your guests enjoy an experience of a lifetime.   Whether you’re looking for party ideas for kids, teens, young adults, adults, bachelor parties, corporate or church and school events, book with us now! You’ll be glad you did!!

    The video game truck is 32 feet long, 10 feet high and 8.5 feet wide. It is towed by a Full-Size pickup. We need about 60 feet of space to park, usually we block your driveway and the parking spot in front or behind it.

    We value you as a customer. Our goal is to make your entire experience a pleasant one. We provide on time delivery, professional set up and, when the event is over, removal. No worries! To make your event extra special and easy to plan, please check out our bounce houses, concession machines, games, tables/chairs, and tent rentals.

    There may be an additional delivery charge depending on your location. We do not deliver to Chicago addresses. If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to call us at 708-733-5300.

  • Add 1 Oculus


  • Add 2 Oculus


  • Fortnite & Roblox Add-On 1.5 hours
  • Fortnite & Roblox Add-On 2 hours

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